Junk Removal

  • Basement / Garage cleanouts
  • Moving in / out
  • Brush removal
  • Light Demolition

My dumpster can hold 12 yards of material.  It’s roughly 7′ wide x 16′ long x 3′ high.

Prices includes dump fees (up to 2 tons for full dumpster, pro-rated accordingly for fractional dumpster)

Full dumpster $400
3/4 dumpster $325
1/2 dumpster $250
1/4 dumpster $175

Material Hauling

Need some gravel, dirt, mulch, whatever… but you don’t need a giant dump truck worth?  I can do that.


I can bring you up to 4 tons of stuff and dump it wherever you want it.  On the drive, in the corner of the yard, or on your mother-in-law.




Prices vary depending on material, amount, and distance
Call, text, email, smoke signal for more info!

From $99

Dumpster Rental

Need to get rid of some junk, but want the glory of loading it yourself?  I got you boo.  I’ll drop off a dumpster for you.  You load it.  I’ll come back and get it 2 days later… and your junk is never to be seen again.

My dumpster can hold 12 yards of material.  It’s roughly 7′ wide x 16′ long x 3′ high.

*No loads of concrete.

From $329

Light Tractor Work

Here’s the good thing about my tractor… she’s small.  She prefers the term “compact”.  If you give me a gate or an opening 4′ wide and I suck my gut in, I can probably work in your back yard.


  • Rototilling
  • Box Blading
  • Material Spreading
  • Bucket Work
Prices vary by project. Let's talk and we'll work out a plan!

From $149

Service Area

In general, I serve Lexington and surrounding areas.


  • Paris
  • Cynthiana
  • Winchester
  • Versailles
  • Midway
  • Lexington
  • Georgetown
  • Nicholasville

Expanded Service List

Junk removal

Whole home cleanout

Construction clean up

Small shed demo / removal

Home / apartment move in

Home / apartment move out

Brush removal

Light storm clean up





Gravel delivery

Dirt delivery

Topsoil delivery

Mulch delivery

Building materials delivery


Light Tractor Work

Driveway grading

Garden tilling

Light land grading

Gravel spreading

Dirt spreading


Dumpster Rental

Dumpster drop off

Dumpster pick up

Dumpster unloading